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Vijaynagar & Basavangudi

How difficult CS course is?

           CS is course is not difficult but it has detailed curriculum which requires lot many subjects reading across all the group. Total 20 subjects are there and each subject has lot many topics/chapters. Exams are conducted more of practical approach than direct questions from the text books. How difficult CS course is Each group (4 subjects) minimum requires 6 months to prepare where you can take external coaching from institutes like best cs coaching in Bangalore. Examination patter is designed in such a way that student, unless prepared well/covered all topics, he/she cannot pass. The minimum marks expected in each subject is 40 marks and overall aggregate for each group is 50%. If one subject is failed/ aggregate is not obtained, then student need to write all the group once again. In addition to the exam, student should complete various practical trainings.

What is the duration of CS course?

It takes minimum 2 to 3 years to complete CS course. In addition to the exams, student need to undergo few trainings before they complete the course. Student who write the all subjects in executive at a time and all subjects in Professional at a time can complete the course much faster.

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