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The cost of CA course includes registration, practical training fees, private coaching fee and examination fee. At present, the total registration would cost close to Rs 45 thousands for entire course, practice training fee would cost close to Rs 25 thousands, private coaching fee would be close Rs 80 thousand in any of the best CA coaching centres in Bangalore up to final level and examination fee would be close to Rs 10thousand up to final. Student need to invest some more money in buying few reference books which could cost approx. Rs 10thousand. In total all the cost put together CA would cost Rs 1.6 lakhs in 4 to 5 years which is much cheaper than any courses in India.

what are the Career prospects for CA course?

The prospectus for CA is very bright and extremely remunerative. Once student complete their CA-Course, they have an option either to go for Practice like Lawyer/doctor or go to industry and work. In Industry, CA has lot of demand in Accounting, Taxation and Financial management. There is no company/business in India which runs without CA. And, companies like Reliance/TATA/Airtel etc recruits thousands of CA every year. CA can work in any industry like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Service, Education etc. CA scope in the industry is very wide. Similarly, in practice side also CA can do statutory audits, maintenance of books, compliance, registrations and business setups. Business/Industry consider CA as expert in business management. There is no dearth of jobs in India or abroad.


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