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Is It Possible To Do CA Articleship And MBA Together?

Are you a commerce student wondering if it’s possible to pursue both CA Articleship and MBA simultaneously? If so, you’re not alone. 

Many students find themselves at a crossroads when choosing between these two prestigious programs. On the one hand, Chartered Accountancy offers a promising career in accounting and finance, while an MBA opens up opportunities in the corporate world. 

Plenty of young students who are serious regarding their careers would want to pursue professional courses. Only this way you would get a lucrative job offer. Lately, plenty of young students have an interesting question in mind and let us discuss the details. Can I do CA articleship and MBA together? It is a popular question amongst many students, and the answer is yes.  

Before we discuss further the answer to your question, can I do CA articleship and MBA together? 

Let us first understand whether or not it is worth it. It requires hard work and dedication to pass a CA course. If you come out with flying results, you will get a lucrative job offer. 

Therefore, a simple question may be at the back of your mind. What are the added benefits I get by doing an MBA course simultaneously? 

You get an added extra degree right at the start of your career. Early in your job may not matter much, but at a later stage, this additional degree will mean a lot if you intend to make deep inroads into the professional world. 

How do you enhance your career? 

Before discussing the question, can I do CA articleship and MBA together? You must understand how this would enhance your career. Let us now assess everything you are taught as a Chartered Accountant. You get the best updates on taxation & auditing, and accountancy. By completing a CA course, you get the best insights from the field of finance.

When you do an MBA course together, you can look forward to better marketing yourself. This is a quality that most CAs need to improve, and this is one way you remain a step ahead in your professional field. 

A student completing the CA articleship and an MBA course can look forward to solid technical knowledge. If you pursue a CA and decide to study MBA, you will easily be admitted to some of the best business schools.

MBA course helps to broaden your Thinking Capabilities 

One more advantage to know as you seek an answer to the question, can I do CA articleship and MBA together? The CA course offers a comprehensive insight into the number game of the corporate world. As a CA, you will know how the numbers are arrived at. You are now familiar with number crunching and are better aware of the impact of a transaction.

However, just by doing a CA course, you will not get an idea of the impact of these numbers on the overall business performance. It would help if you had exposure to the MBA class to understand these numbers’ impact on a business’s dynamics. In a corporate setup, if you need to decide on the business, you may need to look beyond the financials. The MBA course will broaden your thinking process, and you can make bigger decisions.

Growth of Career in the Management Chain

This is one more reason you want to ask the question: Can I do CA articleship and MBA together? You will get a basic job by completing a CA course for sure. However, a basic CA course will not serve the purpose if you are ambitious and would like to climb up the corporate ladder. You will need to hold an MBA degree, which is one big reason why you want to pursue an MBA course alongside the CA articleship studies. A CA course has certain limitations, and you can only break the barrier by holding an MBA degree. 

Builds up Entrepreneurial Mindset

The most important reasons why you would seek answers to the question; can I do CA articleship and MBA together? At some stage of your career, you need to think beyond a basic job and have your organization. It will come in handy if you undergo an MBA course because you will have to market your brand and product range. Entrepreneurship goes beyond the basic domain of number crunching, and you will need all the technical knowledge that students are taught in an MBA class. 

As you pursue an MBA course, you interact with all future business leaders. That is when you can strike a bond with them and your mindset grows; and later on in life, as you set up your entrepreneurship venture, these contacts will come in handy. 

MBA or CA Shapes up your Personality

The CA articleship is a difficult course, but it undoubtedly builds up your foundation. However, the MBA course helps to build your personality, which is a key reason why ambitious students ask this important question: Can I do CA articleship and MBA together? A CA course teaches you to develop a disciplined mind and determination to succeed. The MBA teaches you to be a team player, and you work in groups. Right at the curriculum stage, you talk to people of various backgrounds, which helps shape your personality. An MBA course goes beyond basic education; you learn additional things, such as tackling stress. Gradually you will feel your communication skills have seen a marked improvement. 

Enhancement in Confidence Levels

You are bound to see an enhancement in confidence levels after completing an MBA and a CA articleship course. Job recruiters closely scrutinize the education qualification of job aspirants and see how they will fit into the organization. An MBA degree surely helps to prove your worth at the interview table. You can display your strengths and, in the process, get a lucrative job offer. 


The above mentioned reasons you must pursue an MBA course along with the CA articleship studies. Doing an MBA course will help you grow in life. However, there is a need to focus on an important part of your question. Can I do CA articleship and MBA together? The key here will be to assess whether you can do both these courses at the same time or not. Both CA and MBA are broad-level courses, and both need deep study. As a student, you will need to put in plenty of hard work, and only if you can take this pressure can you pursue both courses simultaneously. There is always the option of doing your MBA later in life. 


What is the CA articleship course? 

It is a practical training program after completing an academic degree, and it is mandatory for any aspiring chartered accountant. An article student must get deeply involved with a certified accountancy firm.

What is the eligibility for CA articleship?

You must first register for both groups of IPCC at the ICAI website. You must complete a 35-hour program for the orientation and 100 hours on information technology. On completion of these programs, you can pursue your articleship course. 

How quickly can an article student appear for their exams? 

The course duration is three years, but a student can appear for their exams after two and a half years. 

What are some of the best MBA courses for a CA? 

There are two MBA courses that a CA article candidate can pursue. They are as follows:

1. MBA in Accounting
2. MBA in Finance

What are the best streams for an MBA student?

The traditional streams for an MBA student have always been financing, marketing, HR operations, and entrepreneurship. 

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