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A Comprehensive Guide On Ways To Prepare For The CA Foundation Maths Tricks

The demand for the CA is rising high, and it’s ever-lasting. Becoming a CA can lead to a wide range of career opportunities. CAs can work in various industries, including public accounting, financial services, corporate finance, and government. They can also work as independent consultants or start their businesses. The versatility of the CA designation means that CAs can pursue a range of career paths and have the potential to earn a high salary. To become one of a kind, you need to have a strong grasp of mathematics. 

A CA foundation student needs to prepare for their exams, and as a candidate, you should know about some of the CA foundation maths tricks. Cracking the math paper is one of the most challenging aspects of a CA examination.

The law paper is also important, but math is a subject that requires quick wit & a logical approach, and a spontaneous solution. You need to develop a conceptual learning process to get the best results. You could do self-study or take tuition, but here are some things you can do to master the CA foundation maths tricks.

Let us discuss more on these lines. 

1. Practice Intensively

One of the easiest ways to master the CA foundation maths tricks is to practice more. Only practice makes a man perfect, and your motive should be to master each question. Math & statistics require more technical study, while logical reasoning is more analytical. These three sections require constant practice, and only this way will you grasp the tricks. 

2. Go through the sample questions from ICAI

A student who is eager to master the CA foundation maths tricks must completely go through the recommended sample questions of ICAI. You should do each & every question thoroughly and take advantage of all of them. This will give you an understanding of the difficulty levels of the institute. A student who sits for the math paper of the CA exam is now well prepared.

3: Take help from a Guidebook

Seeking help from a guide or coaching book is one of the oldest methods to master the CA foundation maths tricks. Students have done it for generations, and you can also try it out. It is easy to lay your hands on CA foundation math coaching manuals. As you plan to seek help from coaching, it is important to remember one important thing. You must do every single problem given in the coaching manual. It would help if you also refrain from leaving out the examples; only this way can you master the math tricks for the CA foundation exam. It would help if you also learned some calculation tips, which will be discussed later. 

4: Try to help yourself with Decoding the Paper

You may gain extensive knowledge on the math subject taught in the CA foundation exam, but more is needed. You will need some guidance to decode the paper, so it would be appropriate to seek professional coaching sessions from experts. You could enroll in a CA coaching institute and learn about all the CA foundation maths tricks

Tips on General Preparations on CA foundation maths tricks

In the quest to master the CA foundation maths tricks, you could also make some general preparations. These are some things you can do in this regard. 

  • Are you doing any self-study? You could do so, but you will need some help. You could enroll in online classes for the CA foundation math paper. 
  • Do you have plans to avoid paying any tuition fees? You need not have to worry because you will still get help. Plenty of helpful online videos on YouTube give insights on the CA foundation maths tricks. You can take their suggestions and gain deep insights into the subject. 
  • You need to be constantly motivated and study for long hours. You will get stuck sometimes, but the key will be to keep going. It is a difficult course, but you can make it by putting in plenty of hard work. 
  • Are you relying on 12th-standard commercial knowledge? This will need to be improved, and you will need more advanced notes and practices. 

These are some general preparations you can take to master the CA foundation maths tricks. 

How do you calculate fast on exam day

As a part of the CA foundation maths tricks, you will have to calculate quickly and submit the paper within the time frame. Hence, you will have to perform mathematical calculations at split-second speed, and here are some tricks to follow so that you can calculate a lot faster. 

  • The first trick is to square numbers with 5 in one’s place. You can apply this trick if you are squaring two-digit numbers with 5 in one’s place. If your two-digit number ends with five, the last two-digit answer to your question will be 25. You can calculate the remaining digit of your answer by multiplying the first digit of the number with its successor. 
  • The multiplication of 5’s is also among the common CA foundation maths tricks, and you must be aware of the process. If you are multiplying a number with 5 or multiples of 5, you must replace 5 with multiples of 10 and then divide it by an integer. Here is an example if you are confused regarding the process. Let us say you will have to calculate 43×25. This is a difficult calculation; to simplify it, you can calculate 43*100/4. 100/4 has replaced the figure of 25, and you get the same answer, 1075.
  • You can also try out a trick of multiplication involving 9. The concept is a direct application of the distributive property of multiplications. The concept is to multiply the number with a multiple of 10 and then subtract the number. It could be tough to calculate 57×999. However, things certainly get easier if you calculate 57×1000-57. In both these instances, you get the answer as 56943. 
  • There is also the scope to use binary and bisect tricks to simplify the calculation process. Do you have to multiply one even and an odd number? You can double one number and half the even number. You will still arrive at the same figure. 

These are some of the important CA foundation maths tricks you can try out, and they will simplify the calculation process on your exam day. 


This is a guide on the CA foundation maths tricks; you can apply them on exam day. This will help you come out with flying colors. As part of the preparation process, you could always seek professional help to decode the paper. You are bound to get better results with professional guidance from any reputed CA foundation math coaching institute. 


Which is the most difficult segment of the CA foundation maths paper? 

The business mathematics segment is the most difficult part of the CA foundation math paper. You will have to put in some more effort for this segment. 

Are the additional questions in the CA foundation math bank important? 

If you are ambitious and eager to score over 80% on the paper, it is vital to solve the additional questions in the bank. However, for statistics, you will not require them. 

What kind of math can I expect for the CA foundation paper? 

This is a two-hour exam for a hundred marks, subdivided into various segments. 

1. Business mathematics- 40 marks
2. Statistics- 40 marks
3. Logical reasoning- 20 marks

Can I crack a CA if I am weak in math? 

Yes, it is possible to crack a CA even if you are weak in math. You will only require mathematics at the first level of CA.

Why is math important for a CA? 

Chartered accountancy as a profession is all about a number-crunching game. Hence, you must have a basic knowledge of maths to succeed in this profession.

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