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6 Tips on how to crack CA Articleship Interview

6 Tips on how to crack ca articleship interview

Now you may have cleared your CA Finals exam or just setting out with CA Foundation or may be in the CA Intermediate stage, whatever the level of your Chartered Accountancy course you are in, there is this important question bugging you even before you check the CA Foundation syllabus. Here you will learn about how to crack CA Articleship Interview

How to crack the ICAI CA Articleship Interviews!!!

If you are one of those curious CA aspirants, who want to know the clear-cut steps to clear the CA Articleship Interviews, you are reading the right article that will answer most questions about the Chartered Accountancy course and its placements.

ICAI has set up a committee known as the Committee for Members in Industry & Business where the aim is to connect newly qualified CAs with organizations looking to hire by means of their CA Articleship Placement Programmes. These are organized twice a year.

As you complete your CA Finals program, you’ll be interviewed by companies looking to hire you. These are the CA Articleship Placements.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to ace that…!

6 Tips for CA Professionals to Crack the ICAI CA Articleship Interviews

Just hearing that you’ll be interviewed by higher authorities of the companies is nerve-wracking to many people.  So many questions running through your mind, shaky legs, and sweaty hands. A pile of pressure right when the higher professionals ask you the questions. 

What if I mess up this interview…?

What if I don’t get selected…?

Do I really have to take this path…?

And what not!!!

But all that is common and it can be tackled with preparation and gaining confidence with your skills and knowledge. It may not be easy but there is a way to overcome the toughest of interviews and ICAI CA Articleship Interviews are no exception.


What should not be done: How to Crack CA Articleship Interview 

1. Under-Preparedness

The sheer hard work and efforts you had put to clear the CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Finals exam is the proof that you are the made for Chartered Accountancy course. But it would be disappointing if you flung at your interview for not been prepared well.

So, don’t be that person ever in your CA batch. The day before your ICAI CA Articleship interview be prepared about the company details, self-reflect your verbal language, body language and be prepared with the core anticipated questions.

By this, you are not just standing out from the rest of the other applicants for the same Chartered Accountant role, but you are sending a subtle message that you are serious about the CA job opportunities and you will be a committed Chartered Accountant if you get selected.

2. Not taking the interview seriously

There are many well qualified CA professionals who would be attending the same CA Articleship Interview. You have no idea how this CA profession is going to lead you in the future. It may open a plethora of opportunities that you never expected. So, no new opportunity is a waste of time.

Therefore, treat no CA Articleship Interview small and give out your best for every CA Articleship Interview with absolute commitment and seriousness.

3. Career Confusion

No employer wants to hire confused and aimless individual. Rather than speculating your interests and jumping from one idea to another in your CA Articleship Interview hall, think weeks before on what you really want and make the plans accordingly. The field can be Taxation, Assurance, Auditing, Accounting, etc. When the interviewers ask you questions, answer confidently with zero hesitation about your career goals.

Understanding what you want is the first step in achieving your goal and this attitude not just impresses the interviewers but adds an ever-lasting impression in their mind that pushes you from a CA Articleship Interview candidate to their esteemed company’s Chartered Accountant.

What should be done: How to Crack CA Articleship Interview 

1. Communication

If a Chartered Accountant can communicate the complex CA topics with ease, the he/she has aced the first 50% of the interview. So, don’t just prepare the basic questions of your CA Articleship Interview like

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why should you be hired?
  • What is your personal and professional profile
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses
  • What is your 5 years plan?

In addition to the basic questions above, go through the core CA concepts, be it from the CA Foundation, CA Intermediate or CA Finals and understand how it can be applied in practical lives with current changing scenarios. 

By doing this, you are not just standing out from the crowd but interviewers will be impressed to hire you and offer leading positions in their organization as you gain experience as a prominent Chartered Accountant.

2. Attitude

Interviewers are specialist in reading your body language from the way you sit, talk and present yourself. They are also masters at asking questions that corner you and bring out the vulnerable and naïve you if you are not calm headed while sticking to your CA Articleship Interview roadmap.

Whatever the case be it, never ever loose your cool and play the way as the interviewers planned. Equip yourself with the knowledge and stay calm and cool with a positive attitude.

3. Appearance

The very first and most prominent thing that interviewers analyze is the attire you carry yourself. From the ironing of the shirt to the shoes you wear, everything is noticed at the first instant.

If clothing can create impressions on others, then why do you leave a chance to impress them?

Follow this simple and standard dress code


  • Full-sleeved formal shirt of a pastel color
  • Formal trousers – black, brown or navy blue
  • A matching tie
  • Smart, polished shoes
  • Neat haircut


  • Formal clothing – either a pant-suit or a salwar kameez, either one in pastel shades
  • Formal shoes
  • No bright jewelry or accessories

4. Homework

Right before you step into your CA Articleship Interview hall and face the interview, make sure you have researched the company. The major leadership, their market leadership, their latest news and history.

Be part of their organization, way before you are hired and leave no stone unturned in understanding their company and your role as an effective Chartered Accountant in that company.

ICAI CA Articleship Placements Statistics

  • If you’re still feeling under-confident about the interview, here are some statistics that might cheer you up.
  • In 2017, Articleship interviews were conducted in over 22 centers across the country.
  • The highest international offered was approximately INR 75 Lakhs (2016).
  • The highest domestic package was INR 24 Lakh (2016).
  • The average domestic salary was INR 8 Lakh (2017).
  • Over 37% of the candidates who had attended the interview in 2017 were placed successfully
  • Over 118 firms and companies took part in the Articleship recruitment held by the ICAI in 2017

If you wish to join this league of Chartered Accountants, then don’t let anything stop you. Work hard and success will undoubtedly follow.

To conclude, a Chartered Accountant Interview is an important milestone that turns your career for good. But it’s not everything. So, stop being anxious about the uncontrollable and try to be the best in the ICAI CA Interviews.

Also, remember that ICAI Articleship interviews are only one of the many options that you are going to come across on your professional CA journey. here are many other options for you that you have not explored yet, so don’t get disheartened and do not give up!

All the Best!

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