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How to Study Theory Subjects in your CA Exam – CA Foundation, CA Intermediate & CA Final

Theory in CA Exams Foundation of the Chartered Accountancy course has always been holding a mixed opinion within the student base. Few like it to the core and few straight up hate it, depending upon their study motivation.

When you first set out to go through the CA Foundation syllabus right after you complete your 12th commerce subjects, make sure to not just skim over it but know the crucial points that needs to tackled with a combination of practice and revision. 

In CA Foundation, the main subjects that challenge the students are Business Laws and Correspondence and Reporting & Economics. 

In CA Intermediate, students quite often feel difficulty to confront Corporate & Other Laws, Audit & Assurance and EIS-SM.

In CA Finals, Advanced management accounting is a very diversified subject, it requires great understanding of topics and requires appropriate amount of time. Even FR and SFM have diverse topics and chapters but it is costing which requires extra efforts.

Now that we have known the subjects that have been a hard nut to crack, let’s focus on cracking them with right effort without adding any more burden into our mind.

How to clear theory subjects of CA Exam…?

1. Understand the Concept & Lead

Theory in CA Exams are only difficult till you understand them and gain control over them. So, go through the crux of the CA Foundation syllabus to know core concepts and understand them with extreme detail.

Understand the given concept and try to have greater command over the subject by just having proper understanding of the over Chartered Accountancy course.

2. Switch your Learning time to Active Hours

Choose to learn when your mind is active with a distraction free atmosphere to prepare for your CA exam. So, read the Theory in CA Exams be it Foundation, Intermediate or Finals, considering your stage of the CA journey in the early mornings.

Mornings where there is minimal distraction and complete focus.

Learning in the mornings aren’t sufficient, so think more and more on it and conceptualize whatever you studied. By this, you are immersing in the core concepts of the CA subjects.

Right when you are learning conceptually, switch to practical subjects just when your mind feels dull.

3. Before starting any subject, try meditating once

Time and time again have shown that, meditation can activate the best version of yourself. When you have set to beat one of the toughest exams in India, why not bring out the best version out.

Right before you go to your CA Coaching Classes or when you return from your CA Coaching Institute, or whenever you’re set to study for your CA theory subjects, sit down for 15 minutes of meditation session and see how it boosts your mind to absorb the core complex CA subjects with ease.

4. Visualise the CA Syllabus Concepts in Practical Situations with Case Study

Try not just to learn the CA theory subjects but try to visualize them on how you would be tackling them as a Case Study. If you are able to visualize the core CA subjects in your mind, you are actively learning the Chartered Accountancy course that retains in your mind beyond the CA Foundation, CA Intermediate or CA Finals Exam.

The ICAI institute also set theory exam papers with case study-based questions. Also studying Case Laws in Corporate & Other Laws will help students to answer case study-based questions.

5. Make full use of the ICAI Study Materials & Notes

Study Materials and Notes will boost your CA Exam preparations to next level. A perfectly curated ICAI org study materials and notes can cut down hours of studying.

Experienced teachers at Success Edge Academy have cracked the code to student’s success with effective ICAI org study materials and notes.

Success Edge Academy method to retain everything that is studied:

  • First learn, understand and study the ICAI org study materials and notes provided by Success Edge Academy.
  • Try to answer the mock exam papers provided by Success Edge Academy on your own.
  • Check your answers with given answers.
  • Self-reflect on what is to be improved for your CA exam by checking with the subject faculties.

6.  Study in a Systematic Order

From the subjects of CA Foundation to the Intermediate and Finals, no subjects are set to clear without putting in required effort. Understanding the Chartered Accountancy course, going through the CA Foundation syllabus to the CA Finals Syllabus, everything is effectively structured.

To clear these CA exam subjects, you need to structure your CA study regime in a systematic manner. Don’t just remember as it is and get confused about what to write for your what questions.

7. Focus more on Important chapters

One must have command over the CA Foundation Syllabus and understand the weightage of each chapters and allocate the study time accordingly. Most part of the CA exams will cover these important portions of the syllabus. So not focusing on these subjects with right guidance will leave most easy marks left on the table. Amendments would also play a major role in boosting your marks in your CA exam.

8. Remove your fear from the mind and get confident  

Though the CA Exam is Tough but not impossible to crack. It can be cleared with right guidance and an effective study routine.

So, take out the fear and prepare for your CA exams with full confidence.

9. Visual Techniques Improve 

When you are going through your CA Coaching Classes don’t ever ignore the important CA Terminologies of your CA Foundation, CA Intermediate or CA Finals syllabus.

Try to be as familiar as possible with the respective CA subjects’ terminologies and try to use them frequently while preparation.

10.  Focus on Presentation 

If a student fails to present an answer in well structured and clean way, the student has a minor chance of scoring in CA subjects, especially in theory subjects where the marks are scored based on how well the answers are framed and presented.

A well framed and structured answers can fetch extra 10-15 marks in their respective CA exam papers. Ignoring the presentation can lead to losing some crucial marks and become a major hurdle which you never expected.

CA Theory subjects can be cleared with proper planning, effective CA Coaching and perfect execution. Clearing the CA Exams in the first attempt is a dream of many aspiring CA students and it can be achieved.

A system driven approach where a student learns the core CA concepts, recalls often enough & reviewing at regular intervals such that it imprints in every aspiring CA’s mind.

Do prioritise your time on important subjects and core concepts considering the CA syllabus of different stages and make quick look notes in your own words.

These are simple steps which can help a student to score good in theory subjects. Joining a effective CA Coaching Classes that will help you align with a strict CA Coaching regime can make the real difference.

But if you are in search of an institute that takes you through all of these above said steps and makes a better CA Professional, Call now and get enrolled at one of the finest CA Coaching Institute in Bangalore – Success Edge Academy.

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