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Can a Science student become a CA ?

Can a Science student become a CA ?

Yes, students with a science background up to and including 12th grade can pursue a Chartered Accountancy (CA) degree. In fact, people with all kinds of educational backgrounds, including science, can apply for CA after graduation or even after completing 12th grade.

Here’s the Summary:

After earning a bachelor’s degree in any field, including science, students can apply for a CA program. They must pass the CA Foundation exam, followed by the Intermediate and Final exams administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

Pursuing CA after 12th Science: Students who have completed 12th grade in science can pursue a CA degree. They would typically begin by registering in the CA Foundation course, the first level of the CA program. Successful completion of the Foundation exam would allow them to progress through the Intermediate and Final levels, just like those who pursue CA after graduation.

To pursue CA, students must meet the ICAI’s eligibility criteria, regardless of their educational background. This usually involves earning a certain percentage of marks in the qualifying examination and meeting other institute-specific requirements.

In conclusion, students with a science background up to and including the 12th grade can certainly aspire to be Chartered Accountants. The path may differ depending on whether they choose to pursue CA after graduation or immediately after completing their 12th grade education, but both are viable. Before beginning their journey to become a CA, interested individuals must first understand the ICAI’s specific requirements and procedures.

What are the options for becoming a CA after 12th :

Can a Science student become a CA

To pass the CA course, students must score at least 40% in each subject and 50% overall. Negative marking is used in objective papers, so an in-depth knowledge of each topic is required. So, thorough research and understanding of all subjects are required for success.

Procedure to become a Chartered Accountant after 12th

There are three levels in the CA stating:

  1. Foundation
  2. Intermediate
  3. Final

Here’s an easier overview of the process to enroll in the CA Foundation course:

Step 1: After completing Class 12th, enroll in the CA Foundation Course.

After Class 12th: 

If you have passed your Class 12 exams from a recognized board, you are qualified to enroll in the CA Foundation Programme.


 You must register for the CA Foundation course. This registration allows you to sit for the CA Foundation Exam.


Once registered, you should study for at least four months before taking the CA Foundation Exam. This ensures that you are fully prepared to meet the qualifying requirements.

Direct Entry for Graduates/Postgraduates: 

If you are a graduate or postgraduate, you can register directly at the intermediate level using the ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme. It allows you to skip the Foundation level.

Step 2: Registration process for CA Intermediate or CA Inter

To register for CA Intermediate, you must pass both 

  •  CA Foundation 
  • 12th grade

 After passing the CA Foundation exam, you can register for the CA Intermediate exams. Alternatively, the Direct Entry Route allows students to enter CA Intermediate without taking the Foundation exams.

Step 3 : Articleship

The Chartered Accountancy program has four levels: CA Foundation (Entry Level), CA Inter, 3 Years Articleship Training, and CA Final.

Articleship Training: After completing CA Inter, students must complete three years of practical training called Articleship. This training attempts to connect theoretical knowledge with real-world application, preparing students for the corporate world.

Supervised Work: During articleship, students work under the supervision of a qualified CA, gaining practical experience in accounting, auditing, and finance.

Overall, articleship is an important component of the CA program, providing students with practical skills and preparing them for a professional career.

Step4: Registration for CA Final Course:

The applicant may apply for the CA final exam during the last six months of their three-year articled training period.

After passing the CA final exam, join the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and declare yourself a “Chartered Accountant.”.

Students who want to become CAs after completing the 12th grade science stream can apply for the CA Foundation exam, which is the course’s entry-level examination. They will be eligible to apply for the CA Foundation examination once they have completed the 12th exam.

Here’s a simple explanation for Science student become a CA:

Terms & Conditions: The requirements for pursuing CA after 12th grade are the same for all students, regardless of academic background.

Can a Science student become a CA

Advantage for Science Students:  

Science students may initially feel challenged by CA’s commerce-focused curriculum. CAs, on the other hand, deal extensively with numbers and practical calculations, which can benefit from their strong problem-solving abilities.

Learning Accounting: Accounting is an important subject in CA studies. To succeed in the program, science students may need to spend more time learning about accounting principles. Other subjects are new to everyone, so a solid understanding of accounting is required for advancement.

In conclusion, while science students may face some initial challenges, their analytical skills can help them succeed in the CA program.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is the governing body for the CA program. It manages exams and provides certifications.

ICAI organizes and administers Chartered Accountancy (CA) courses across the country.

The CA program lasts two years, removing training.

Considering the lengthy five-year commitment, pursuing the CA course necessitates dedication and hard work.

Nevertheless, the effort is worthwhile. Your career prospects will improve dramatically once you have obtained your CA certification.

A CA qualification opens up a wide range of global opportunities in banking, accounting, taxation, auditing, management consulting, and other fields.

Indian chartered accountants are respected worldwide, with numerous career opportunities and recognition.


You never know until you do !

Conclusion: Science or commerce, regardless of background, anyone can become a CA. For any doubts contact Successedge for better and easy understanding.

Article by~ Varshini Kumar


Can science students pursue a career as a Chartered Accountant (CA)?

Yes, science students can pursue a CA degree after completing their 12th grade education.

What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in the CA Foundation course?

Students must have completed their Class 12 exams from a recognized board to enroll in the CA Foundation course.

How long does it take to complete the CA course?

The CA course typically takes a minimum of five years to complete, including practical training.

What is Articleship training, and how long does it last?

Articleship training is a practical training component of the CA course that lasts for three years.

 When can students apply for the CA Final exam?

Students can apply for the CA Final exam during the last six months of their three-year Articleship training period.

What are the options for graduates who want to pursue CA?

Graduates can directly register for the intermediate level of the CA course through the ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme.

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