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Everything You Need to Know About the CS Course

Are you considering a career as a Company Secretary (CS) in Bangalore? The CS course is a prestigious and globally recognized qualification that can open doors to a diverse range of career opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about the CS course, from its levels and eligibility criteria to its benefits and career prospects.

What is CS (Company Secretary)?

A Company Secretary (CS) is a trained professional responsible for ensuring that a company complies with legal and regulatory requirements. They play a vital role in corporate governance, ensuring that businesses operate with integrity and adhere to legal and ethical standards.

How Many Levels in CS Course?

The CS qualification consists of three levels:

a) CSEET (Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test) – 4 Papers

  • Paper 1: Business Communication (MCQ)
  • Paper 2: Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning (MCQ)
  • Paper 3: Economic and Business Environment (MCQ)
  • Paper 4: Current Affairs, Presentation, and Communication Skills (MCQ & Viva Voce)

b) CS Executive – 8 Papers

  • Paper 1: Jurisprudence, Interpretation, and General Laws
  • Paper 2: Company Law
  • Paper 3: Setting up of Business Entities and Closure
  • Paper 4: Tax Laws (MCQ)
  • Paper 5: Corporate & Management Accounting (MCQ)
  • Paper 6: Securities Laws & Capital Markets
  • Paper 7: Economic, Business, and Commercial Laws
  • Paper 8: Financial and Strategic Management (MCQ)

c) CS Professional Level – 9 Papers

  • Essential Papers:
    • Paper 1: Governance, Risk Management, Compliances, and Ethics
    • Paper 2: Advanced Tax Laws
    • Paper 3: Drafting, Pleadings, and Appearances
    • Paper 4: Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management, and Due Diligence
    • Paper 5: Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation & Winding-up
    • Paper 6: Resolution of Corporate Disputes, Non-Compliances & Remedies
    • Paper 7: Corporate Funding & Listings in Stock Exchanges
    • Paper 8: Multidisciplinary Case Studies
  • Elective Papers:
    • Paper 9.1: Banking- Law & Practice
    • Paper 9.2: Insurance & Practice
    • Paper 9.3: Intellectual Property Rights- Laws and Practices
    • Paper 9.4: Forensic Audit
    • Paper 9.5: Direct Tax Law & Practice
    • Paper 9.6: Labour Laws & Practice
    • Paper 9.7: Valuations & Business Modeling
    • Paper 9.8: Insolvency – Law and Practice

Eligibility Criteria to Appear for CS

To sit for the CSEET Examination, candidates should have:

  • Passed the 10+2 exams, PUC, or equivalent.
  • Graduates/Postgraduates.

To take the CS Executive Examination, candidates must have cleared CSEET.

Average Duration of CS Course

Completing all CS examinations and training programs normally takes 4 to 5 years.

Course Fees

  • CSEET Course Fee: Registration cum Exam fee of Rs 1000.
  • CS Executive Course Fee: Registration fee of Rs 10,000 and Exam fee of Rs 2500.

CS Passing Criteria and Exam Pattern

Candidates must score a minimum of 40% marks in each paper and 50% in aggregate to pass.

Exam Attempt Timings

  • CSEET exams (MCQs and computer-based) are held four times a year, in May, July, November, and January.
  • CS Executive and Professional Level exams (paper-based) are held twice a year, in June and December.

Who Should Pursue CS?

CS is ideal for individuals who are mentally strong, can handle pressure, are academically focused, and have an interest in law and philosophy.

Why Pursue CS?

  • Diverse Career Options
  • Global Recognition
  • Legal Expertise
  • Ethical Practices
  • Career Progression
  • Contribution to Society
  • Constant Learning
  • Prestigious Designation

Roles of a CS

CS professionals can take on various roles, including Legal Expert, Compliance Officer, Expert in corporate laws, Expert in securities laws, Expert in capital markets, Chief advisor, Corporate planner, Strategic manager, and more.

CS Course Syllabus

The qualification is divided into three levels (CSEET Level, CS Executive Level, and CS Professional Level), with a total of 20 papers covering various subjects related to corporate governance and compliance.

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