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Tips for Achieving High Scores on the CA Intermediate Accounting Exam

Chartered accountancy is a lucrative profession, and the scope of earnings is immense. However, you will have to study the course and pass an examination. You must go through three significant levels of the course. The CA foundation is easy, but you must prepare extensively for the next stage, which is the CA intermediary. It would help to prepare well and not take the situation lightly because you cannot afford easy mistakes. As a student, you may also want to learn about the important tips to get high scores on the CA Intermediate. That should help significantly in the preparation process. 

The following are the most important tips to score high in accounting for CA intermediate.

Explore the New Course Pattern

Before you learn about tips to get high scores on the CA Intermediate, it is essential to be briefed on the new course pattern. The course being studied today has replaced the IPC and came into effect in 2017. There have been some strategic changes made in the syllabus. Here are the essential aspects of the new course for interested students. 

  • The exam, in total, will have 8 papers. The authorities have introduced a new subject, and two earlier subjects have been separated. The eight papers have been segregated into two groups, each involving four subjects. 
  • Students interested in gathering inputs on the tips to score high in accounting for CA intermediate should know this level of the course will have multiple choice questions. 

The Syllabus of CA Inter Accounting

Students also need to be briefed on the syllabus before knowing extensively about tips to get high scores on the CA Intermediate. It has been mentioned earlier that eight subjects have been segregated into two groups, and here are the details. 

The CA Intermediate group syllabus has four papers, which are mentioned below. 

  • The first paper is about accounting. 
  • The second paper is about corporate laws and other laws. In this segment, a student gets to learn about company law. 
  • The third paper in this segment is about cost management and accounting. 
  • The final paper of this segment is about taxation. This segment sheds light on income tax laws & indirect taxes. 

The CA Intermediate group 2 syllabus also has four papers, and here are the details.

  • The segment starts with paper 5, and the subject is advanced accounting. 
  • Paper 6 is about auditing and assurance. 
  • In paper 7, a student must answer questions on enterprise information systems and strategic management. 
  • The final paper is about financial management and economics for finance. 

This is the complete syllabus for a student who intends to clear the CA intermediary course. Students can access some tips to score high in accounting for CA intermediate online, but you need to study hard to get a passing mark. You will need to have a subject-wise plan and timetable for your studies. 

Focus on important topics & questions

The CA intermediary course is an essential topic, and you will need to study hard. However, the course still has some vital topics and questions in each segment. If you prepare for the CA Inter accounting accordingly in advance, things will help on the exam day. Beyond accounting, you must make a subject-wise strategy and prepare accordingly. You will get extensive guides online, shedding light on the essential questions you may face for the accounts paper and other CA inter syllabi. 

Some special preparation tips for CA accounting

The accounting paper is an important part of the course, and you would certainly want to learn important questions and answers about CA Inter accounting. There will be something more to do than prepare for the critical questions. You must practice questions and corresponding theory that has just been taught in coaching manuals and class. A blend of theory and numerical will help you understand the concept properly. You will have to pass a practical exam, and this is the reason to suggest you do plenty of practice. These questions could appear tough after multiple trials, but you must not give up. 

FAQ on CA inter Accounting Question

Can I rely on the study material for CA inter accounts

There are plenty of students have tips to score high in accounting for CA intermediate in mind. The CA institute provides students with study material and has proven to be one of the best preparatory books for students. However, students who need extra help can seek reference books and look at video study material uploaded on the net. If you still need help, consider joining any reputed coaching class. 

Can I do self-study for the CA intercourse

People have successfully cleared CA intercourse by doing self-studies, and it is not impossible. However, as a student, you must show the utmost dedication and start your preparations right now. You must be on time because regular studies are vital to passing a challenging course such as CA inter. Students who have been successful in the past insist on completing the syllabus at least two months in advance. This will give you time to do one more revision. The presence of CA mock test papers should help you a lot. You can look to solve these questions, which should help enhance confidence. 

Which is the best faculty for CA accounting

It is another important question for many students, but it would be improper to answer. Every teacher enjoys fame for some reason or the other Review the demo lectures before deciding on your faculty choice. 


Thus, The CA inter, including accounting, is a tough course, and a student must show dedication, love, and passion for this subject. You must put in your complete effort while preparing for the subject and achieve your dreams of becoming a reputed chartered accountant. It is a challenging course but not impossible to breach, and with some dedication, you should achieve the best results and have a great career. 

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