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Top Recommended Books to Excel in CSEET Exam 2024

Are you preparing to take the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) in 2024? SuccessEdge has compiled a comprehensive list of the best study materials to help you with your preparation. Selecting the appropriate books is critical for a thorough understanding of the exam’s sections. The following is a curated list of the best books for CSEET exam 2024 preparation, organized by section.

Best Books for CSEET exam 2024 Preparation:

Business Communication:

  1. Business Communication (New Syllabus 2024) by CA Vivek Dharamshi
  2. Taxmann’s CRACKER for Business Communication by Adv. Ritika Godhwani
  3. Business Communication by J.Priyadharshini, Dr.B.Joy Suganya
  4. Business Organization and Communication by Dr. S.C Saxena

Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning:

  1. Taxmann’s CRACKER for Legal Aptitude & Logical Reasoning by CA (Dr.) K.M. Bansal and Adv. Ritika Godhwani
  2. Connex CSEET Legal Aptitude by CA Vivek Dharamshi
  3. Legal Aptitude & Reasoning by Disha Experts
  4. Study Material of Legal Aptitude Logical Reasoning and Indian Constitution by Faculty of Bhardwaj Law
  5. Model Scanner CSEET Paper for Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning by CA Amar Omar, CA Rasika Goenka

Economic & Business Environment:

  1. CA Vivek Dharamshi by CA Vivek Dharamshi
  2. Business Environment: New Edition by Dr. V. C. Sinha (Author), Dr. Ritika Sinha (Author)

Current Affairs, Presentation & Communication:

  1. Connex CSEET Current Affairs by CA Vivek Dharamshi

How to Download CSEET Question Papers:

Downloading CSEET question papers is essential for aspirants looking to improve their preparation. To access and download previous years’ question papers, go to the official website of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) or relevant educational platforms.

Easiest Section in CSEET:

While the complexity of each section varies from candidate to candidate, many candidates find the “Business Communication” section to be relatively easier. It is recommended to set aside enough time and practice consistently across all sections to ensure success.

CSEET Reference Reading Materials:

Consider using supplementary study materials such as articles, case studies, and online resources in addition to the recommended books to gain a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered in CSEET.


SuccessEdge believes that success in CSEET exam 2024 is attainable with the right study materials and a strategic approach to preparation. Use the recommended books and resources to improve your understanding of each section and increase your chances of passing the exam.

For any further queries or guidance, feel free to reach out to the SuccessEdge support team. Best of luck on your CSEET journey!


1. Why is Business Communication considered an essential section in CSEET preparation, and which books are recommended for mastering this aspect of the exam?

Answer: Business Communication is a crucial skill for company secretaries. Recommended books for this section include “Business Communication (New Syllabus 2024)” by CA Vivek Dharamshi and “Taxmann’s CRACKER for Business Communication” by Adv. Ritika Godhwani.

2. How can I download CSEET question papers to enhance my preparation, and why are they important for success in the exam?

Answer: To download CSEET question papers, visit the official website of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) or relevant educational platforms. Question papers are vital for practice and understanding the exam pattern, aiding in better preparation and performance.

3. Is there a section in CSEET that is considered easier compared to others, and how should candidates approach it for optimal results?

Answer: Many candidates find the “Business Communication” section relatively more straightforward. To excel, allocate ample time for practice and ensure consistent efforts across all sections for a balanced preparation approach.

4. Apart from the recommended books, what other reference materials are suggested for CSEET preparation, and how can they contribute to a holistic understanding of the subjects?

Answer: In addition to recommended books, candidates are advised to refer to supplementary study materials like articles, case studies, and online resources. These materials provide a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered in CSEET.

5. How frequently is the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) conducted, and when should I start my preparation for the 2024 exam?

Answer: CSEET is conducted four times a year. To prepare for the 2024 exam, it is recommended to start early, allowing ample time for a thorough understanding of the syllabus and consistent practice. Starting early enhances the chances of success in the examination.

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