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CA Inter Admit Card May 2023: How to Get it?

One of the most esteemed professional programmes in India is the Chartered Accountancy (CA) programme. To continue with this programme, a candidate must pass three levels of exams, one of which is the Intermediate level. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) gives the CA Intermediate exam twice a year, in May and November. The ICAI will distribute the CA Inter admission card for the May 2023 test in April 2023. The admit card is an essential document that a candidate must bring to the testing location. In this article, we’ll go through how to obtain your icai ca inter admit card for the test in May 2023.

There is news for budding CA aspirants on the verge of sitting for the Inter Exams. On April 17th, the ICAI issued the admit card, and you would want to download your specific card. The CA coaching centres have been helping you with the study preparations, and now it is time to take the first step in the process of sitting for the exams. 

The CA Inter Admit card is a mandatory document to carry to the examination hall. Only by displaying the card at the entrance gate will you get access to the examination hall. Any student on the verge of appearing for the CA Inter exam will have plenty of questions in their mind. 

  • How will I access the card?
  • What are the essential details that will be mentioned in the card? 

These are some issues that could bother students. Your concerns could only increase if, after downloading, you find errors in this card, but there is nothing to worry about. Here is a guide on the card and the steps you must take if you notice mistakes as you get hold of this most important document. 

CA Inter Admit Card May 2023

You may have heard about the Inter admit card from your CA coaching centre. It is a mandatory document all registered candidates need to carry to sit for the exams. Some students also refer to this card as a CA Inter hall ticket. The document serves as a confirmation of your identity and contains essential CA Inter examination-related information. 

How to get a CA Inter Admit Card in May 2023?

A few steps to follow as you lay your hands on the admit card. Students who have only completed the registration will get an admit card. For the last six years, the institute has stopped the physical version of the icai ca inter admit card, and students will now have to download it from the portal.

Here is a step-by-step guide on the process of downloading the CA Inter admit card in May 2023.

  • You must first visit the official website of the institute. Here is the link to the website
  • You must now click on the CA Intermediate May admit card 2023 link. 
  • You must now log in using your ID. It could be your registration ID and password.
  • It is now you get the first look at your admit card. 
  • Do not download it instantly. First, you must cross-check the information. 
  • Only if everything is fine can you download the admit card. 

We have described the basic process of downloading the admit card, but if you cannot download using this method, you can up the helpline number. The institute has allocated a helpline number for CA Inter students, and it is 0120 3054806, 819. There could also be technical difficulties in the download process, and you can consult the faculty at your CA coaching centre for help. 

What are the details mentioned in CA Inter Admit Card May 2023? 

As you cross-check the information before downloading the card, it is essential to know the information the card should have. Here are the details you must check on your admit card and then download.

  • It must have your name and roll number. 
  • The card must mention the details of the CA program. In this case, the group should be mentioned specifically. 
  • Which is your examination centre? The card will also mention this detail categorically and also state its address. 
  • The admit card should also display the exam date and your reporting time. 
  • The card should also display your photograph and signature. 
  • The admit card will also display information stating the exam day guidelines. 

Above mentioned are the complete details that should be displayed on your admit card. You can now download it and carry a physical copy to the examination centre. 

What to do if the CA Inter Admit Card does not display your photo or signature

Right amid the preparations for a challenging exam such as the CA Inter, you could be worried in such circumstances. Will I be able to sit for the exams? You could also be concerned about whether or not the card is valid. There should be nothing to worry about because the card is valid as long as the other details are correct. You need to take a printout of the card. You must affix the photo and put the signature on the marked area. It would be best to get the document attested by an institute member. 

You must check the information on the admit card thoroughly for any other discrepancies. If anything else comes to your forefront, you must instantly bring it to the institute’s notice. You can communicate with the ICAI on their official email, You also have the alternative to dial the helpline number, and here are the details. 

  • 0120 4953 751,752, 753, and 754
  • 0120 3054 851, 852, 853, 854, and 835 

Here is a complete guide on the course of action you must take if there are any issues with the admit card. 

What is the process of downloading the admit card if you forget the password

Have you forgotten your password? Amid the hectic studying, these things happen, but there is nothing to worry about. The ICAI offers the scope of creating a new password. Here is the process to follow if you intend to create a new password;

  • You must once again visit the official website of the institute and click with the cursor on the login /register tab. 
  • You will come across some links, one of which should be “Forget Password”. 

Once you click on this link, you will get three options to retrieve your password. Here are the details for readers; you must pick any options. 

  • Candidates who select the first option must find their login credentials via email. You must enter your email ID, registration number, mobile number & security question and answer. Only then you must click on the submit button. 
  • Candidates can use the SRN+DOB+ Security answer to find their login credentials. You must enter your CA Inter registration number, DOB, and security question and answer. You must now click on the submit button. 
  • You can also select SRN+Barcode +Pin to locate your login credentials. For this, you must enter your registration number & exam application barcode number, and personal identification number. You must now click on the submit button.

You can now generate a duplicate password and continue the process to print the icai ca inter admit card. 

Do I need to carry anything else other than the admit card? 

The CA Inter admit card is also referred to as the hall ticket, and you will have to download it and take the document with you to the examination hall. Your concern could be about the other documents you may have to take on the exam day. Here are the details for readers in brief.

  • Let us start with the admit card first. Were the photograph and signature missing from the original admit card? You should carry a hard copy of an ICAI member-attested card. 
  • You must also have any government ID proof with you. It could be anything from Aadhar & voter ID cards or a pan card. 
  • You must also carry two passport-size photographs. 
  • You are allowed to carry any exam-related items. While writing the exam, you might require calculators or other stationary items. The ICAI allows you to carry these items to the exam venue. 
  • We are living in tough times, and the covid scare keeps raising its head repeatedly. It is always better to keep a mask with you when entering the exam hall. 
  • You could carry other items such as a personal sanitiser or water bottle. 

You must carry these things alongside the CA Inter Admit Card May 2023 to the CA Inter examination hall. You should note that the photographs you carry should be current ones. This way you should not have any problems in the examination hall.

Some special requirements for students below 18 years of age

Students below 18 years need to carry some other documents, and if you belong to this segment, you must take note of them. If you are below 18 years, then with the admit card, ICAI insists on submitting a self-attested document. This document should state that a student will follow the guideline of the authorities and also have the consent of parents to appear for the exams. The candidate needs to fill out and self-attest the document. 


Here is a complete update on everything you may want to know about the CA Inter Admit card for May 2023. The CA coaching centres, on their part, brief students adequately about these regulations, and you should not face any problems. You can download the card from the ICAI website and sit for the exam. You should not have any problems, and things should work out smoothly. 

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1: Can I have a physical copy of the admit card from the institute

No, back in the year 2017, the institute stopped the process of distributing physical CA Inter Admit cards. Your only way to access the admit card is to download it from the official website. The process has been discussed extensively in this article. 

2: When did the institute issue the CA Inter Admit card?

The issue date for the CA Inter Admit card was April 17th. Usually, they release the admit card 14 days before the first exam date. 

3: Can I download the ICAI Inter Admit card on my mobile?

Yes, you can download the card on your mobile, and the process is the same. You can complete the process by selecting the desktop view from the browser menu while accessing the ICAI website. You should not have any problems because the link should open the same way as a PC. 

4: Is printing the card compulsory, or will a digital version be sufficient

No, a digital version of the card will not be sufficient. You will have to download the card and take a physical copy with you to the examination centre. 

5: What are the two most important details mentioned in the card

The two most important details mentioned in the card are the candidate’s roll number and the examination centre. You must check both these aspects before downloading the card from the website. 

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